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“I just felt lighter!” Johnny Ruffo on the "incredible" moment he found out he was cancer-free

The actor was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2017

Johnny Ruffo stopped by Nova 96.9's Fitzy & Wippa this morning to launch his new single Broken Glass and celebrate the end of his battle with brain cancer.
The former Home and Away star shared the news that he is cancer-free with fans earlier this month, marking his two year anniversary of his diagnosis by sharing his brain scan on Instagram.
Johnny,31, shared a side-by-side of his MRI from two years ago and his new scan.
"Exactly two years ago versus today, So glad to have beaten this horrible disease. Thankyou for all the support!" he wrote.

Today, on Fitzy & Wippa, Johnny spoke of the moment he found out he was cancer free.
"It was incredible," Johnny told the show's hosts. "You know how people always say 'it feels like the weight of the world lifted off your shoulders'? It genuinely felt like that.
"I walked out after being told 'you're good,' and I just felt lighter."
Johnny caught up with Wippa this morning.
Johnny spoke with the hosts about his long-term girlfriend Tahnee, who took him to the hospital the night he was diagnosed. If she hadn't brought him in and signed papers for his surgery, he could have died.
"She saved my life," Johnny said. "If she hadn't taken me to the hospital I wouldn't be here."
Johnny also spoke about how his cancer diagnosis was tougher on those around him, including his mum and Tahnee.
"The first 24 to 48 hours I was unaware of everything because I was in a coma," he said. "But they were stressing, they didn't know if I was going to make it through, so they were preparing for the worst."
Talking about his new song, the star revealed it's about all of the people who've been there throughout this experience.
"It's about the trials and tribulations of life," he said. "And needing someone there to help you."
Johnny credits Tahnee with helping him through his battle.
We're so excited to hear that Johnny is doing well post-treatment!

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