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Actor Johnny Depp takes aim at Barnaby Joyce

The actor had some unkind words to say about the deputy prime minister during an appearance on a US talk show this week.

A year after actor Johnny Depp and his wife, Amber Heard smuggled dogs Pistol and Boo into Australia the actor has taken aim at Australian politician Barnaby Joyce.
Joyce led the charge against the celebrities who failed to declare their pups when arriving in Australia to film Pirates of the Caribean in May 2015.
This week Depp appeared on popular US talk show Jimmy Kimmel to promote his latest movie Alice Through the Looking Glass.
When asked about his opinion of Barnaby Joyce, Depp replied: “He looks somehow inbred with a tomato.”
“It's not a criticism. I was a little worried. He just might explode,” he said.
At the time Joyce argued Depp's celebrity status should not hold him above the law.
Amber Heard was charged with illegally importing animals into the country, and producing a false document (her passenger arrival card, on which the dogs were not declared.)
WATCH: In the wake of the incident, Depp was forced to make an awkward apology video.
Speaking to Kimmel, Depp seemed to imply the whole fiasco was a waste of time and money.
“You know i think that the choice they made to utilise the taxpayers’ dollars to globally chase down a couple of teacup Yorkies and give them 50 hrs to live. I realised the badness of my ways,” he said.

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