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Joh Griggs and Gary Sweet: Our 10 year feud is over!

Sharing a proud moment, TV host Johanna Griggs and her actor ex Gary Sweet bury the pain of their split for the sake of their son. Jonica Bray reports.
Laughing together in the Autumn sunshine, TV host Johanna Griggs and her ex-husband Gary Sweet presented a rare united front last week as they watched their son’s football match in Sydney’s Centennial Park.
The high-profile former couple, who have been bitterly divided since their three-year marriage ended more than a decade ago, were finally at ease together, with the spotlight firmly on their son, Joe, 13.
But regulars at the rugby match said they were surprised to see Logie-winning actor Gary, 54 – who recently bared his body for TV’s The Pacific and is about to begin shooting the Nine Network drama Cops LAC – in the flesh.
“He’s not someone you ever see at the games, so we were all pretty surprised when Gary showed up to this one,” says one parent.
Gary’s evergreen acting career has meant long separations over the years from sons Joe and Jesse, 14, the children of his third marriage.
“The last match he came to watch was over a year ago – it’s easy to remember because he’s a loud and enthusiastic spectator, always hooting and hollering and clapping his hands,” the parent reveals.
“He stays close to the action and is a very vocal supporter who enjoys the whole scene. With his own boy he’s very focused – he makes it clear he’s keen for Joe to kick goals and stand out on the sporting field.”
To read more about Joh and Gary's new found friendship see this week's Woman's Day, on sale May 17, 2010.

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