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Joe Manganiello’s mum ADORES Sofia Vergara

Joe Manganiello’s mum has gushed about her son’s gorgeous fiancée Sofia Vergara in an interview on US television.
Genetically-blessed couple Joe Manganiello, 38, and Sofia Vergara, 42, got engaged while on holiday in Hawaii in December – just before New Year’s - and it seems that one family member at least, is utterly THRILLED about the impending nuptials!
Susan Manganiello, the mum of the hunky True Blood actor Joe, was interviewed by the local CBS news in their hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When the questions turned to Modern Family star Sofia, Susan couldn’t hold back!
"Sofia Vergara is one of the nicest people I've ever met," she gushed about the actress.
"She has no affectations whatsoever. She's just very nice to everybody."
In fact it seems Susan may have even been the one behind the engagement, encouraging Joe to pop the question. A reported insider told US Weekly that "Susan loves that Sofia is a woman with a voice."
The pair have only been dating for about six months but are clearly smitten with one another.Another source told US that Sofia: “knows they haven't been together long, but she's convinced she's found her soulmate."
The ridiculously good-looking couple went on vacation together to Mexico in September and Joe even confessed to practising his stripper moves on Sofia for his upcoming film Magic Mike 2.
It looks like Sofia will be welcomed with open arms into her new family!

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