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Former Studio 10 producer claims Jessica Rowe was forced out of top Ten gig

According to Jess' former producer, Ten had been 'planning to sack her for over a year'.

By Ellie McDonald
Another day, another veteran TV journalist leaving a morning show to embark on a new adventure. This time, it's Jessica Rowe, with the mum-of-two and self-confessed cat lover taking to Studio 10 to declare her departure from the show.
And, between Jess' and her co-host Joe Hilderbrand's tears, there wasn't a dry eye in the Network 10 house!
"After much soul searching and discussions with my family, it is with a heavy heart that I have decided to leave Studio 10," she reveals.
"Studio 10 has been the best job I have ever had in media and it has been an absolute privilege to be with the show for more than four years. Thank you to the team for believing in me and giving me such an incredible opportunity to find my voice and confidence again."

Was Jessica Rowe forced out?

Jess, whose final appearance on the TV programme will be on Friday, March 30, went on to say that while leaving Studio 10 will allow her to spend more time with her family, it wasn't a decision that came easily.
"Stepping back from Studio 10 will give me more time for content creation and public speaking and to be more present with my beautiful family. I am going to miss my wonderful friends and colleagues at Studio 10 and wish them nothing but the very best for the future," she continues.
"Studio 10 is more than just a television show, it is a family, with a great team both on and off air, and I know it will continue to prosper."
However, shortly after Jessica's announcement, the show's former executive producer, Rob McKnight, tweeted that the network had been "planning to sack her for over a year".
He wrote: "Sad to hear @JessRowe is leaving Studio10au. @channelten have been planning to sack her for over a year. She blamed me, even though I was trying to save her job."
A Ten spokesperson has denied McKnight's claims telling News.com.au:
"Mr McKnight's claim is completely wrong, obviously spiteful and deliberately misleading. As Jess said, she has decided to leave Studio 10 to devote more time to her family and her other interests. Anyone who suggests otherwise is being petty and ignorant. Jess is welcome back to Ten anytime."
McKnight who is now an employee of Newscorp plans to sue Ten for breach of contract responded with another spite-fueled tweet: "Re @channelten's quote in @newscomauHQ saying my tweet was 'completely wrong', I look forward to them repeating that in court."
Meanwhile, Jessica's manger David Wilson responded to McKnight's original tweet: "To be absolutely clear - Ten offered Jess a generous new contract for her to stay. Leaving @Studio10au was Jess' choice for the reasons she so beautifully articulated on air this morning. It takes great courage to make these big decisions."
In a press release from Network 10, the mainstream media giant stated that Jess was one of the founding hosts of Studio 10 when it launched in November 2013, along with Sarah Harris, Joe Hildebrand and Ita Buttrose.
"Her warmth, intelligence and sense of humour have been a key part of the show's success," the release read.

She is out and proud about using Gravox (amen)

Despite losing Jess from Studio 10, we're hoping that this will allow her more time to let us in on all her best (self-dubbed) Crap Housewife moments.
Yep, schnitzel-loving Jess isn't one to shy away from her at-home kitchen mishaps – and we have rounded up our favourite Crap Housewife moments to prove it...
Sure, in an ideal world we would always make chicken stock from scratch and then use said liquid gold to conjure up a homemade gravy Matt Preston would lose his cravat over. Although, in reality… ain't nobody really got time for that.
And let's be real: Gravox tastes delicious and involves less than three steps to perfect. This allows more time to make sure the kids have set the table (or to pour yourself another glass of wine).

Tuesday night is Schnitzel Night – at the pub, and at Jessica’s house

Look, to be honest, according to Jessica's Instagram feed, she does feed her family – her two daughters, Giselle and Allegra, and her husband, Peter Overton – delicious, nutritious (albeit not-the-most-beautiful-looking) meals.
However, the occasional panko-crumb schnitty is a quick-and-easy family favourite in Jessica's household - much like every Aussie home.

She flies the flag for the culinary underdog: minced meat

"This under-rated meat has been the pantry pariah for far too long. I'm standing up in defense of mince!" she wrote on her newly launched website Craphousewife.com, alongside her pictures of her mince-based dishes, "Simple spag bol", nachos and Shepherd's pie.
All of which look as delicious as often-boganised mince meals always do.
Yes, we went there.

Best of luck on your next venture, Jess – and may the Crap Housewife force be with you!