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Why Jessica Rowe is the BEST crap housewife we know

Any person who legitimises the importance of Gravox in our lives is a household hero to us.

By Ellie McDonald
Being time-poor, run of your feet at the best of times and late to almost every parent-teacher meeting you’ve ever been asked to attend are just a handful of the realities of modern-day parenthood.
This is certainly something Studio 10 panellist Jessica Rowe can attest to, having used her Instagram account to document scores of self-dubbed #craphousewife hiccups (including getting sprung with the kids’ Christmas presents and serving up tinned spaghetti for dinner more times than we can count).
And you know what… good on her. Because parenthood shouldn’t always be about perfectly pressed kids’ uniforms and heart-shaped Vegemite sandwiches that take half-an-hour to slice.
No, it should really be more about the things (and foods) that make you happy.
Here’s how Jessica proves that, sometimes, as a parent, you’ve got to cut corners – and the result isn’t so bad after all…

She flies the flag for the culinary underdog: minced meat

“This under-rated meat has been the pantry pariah for far too long. I'm standing up in defense of mince!” she wrote on her newly launched website Craphousewife.com, alongside her pictures of her mince-based dishes, “Simple spag bol”, nachos and Shepherd’s pie.
All of which look as delicious as often-boganised mince meals always do.
Yes, we went there.

She is out and proud about using Gravox (amen)

Sure, in an ideal world we would always make chicken stock from scratch and then use said liquid gold to conjure up a homemade gravy Matt Preston would lose his cravat over. Although, in reality… ain’t nobody really got time for that.
And let’s be real: Gravox tastes delicious and involves less than three steps to perfect. This allows more time to make sure the kids have set the table (or to pour yourself another glass of wine).

Tuesday night is Schnitzel Night – at the pub, and at Jessica’s house

Look, to be honest, according to Jessica’s Instagram feed, she does feed her family – her two daughters, Giselle and Allegra, and her husband, Peter Overton – delicious, nutritious (albeit not-the-most-beautiful-looking) meals.
However, the occasional panko-crumb schnitty is a quick-and-easy family favourite in Jessica’s household - much like every Aussie home.

If these nuggets of life GOLD don't unite every crap housewife in Australia, we don't know what will...
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