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Jessica Marais dishes on awkward sex scenes

The Aussie actress says there’s “nothing sexy about shooting a sex scene” ahead of tonight’s The Wrong Girl premiere.

As Jess Marais prepares for tonight’s premiere of the Wrong Girl, the Aussie stunner opened up about her awkward sex scenes with co-star Ian Meadows.
The 31-year-old confessed in interview with The Daily Telegraph that the nature of her scenes were anything but steamy, and instead dubbed the whole ordeal as “quite comical.”
“There’s literally someone like 10 centimetres away from your face with a camera pointed at you,” the Logie award winner laughed.
“They all try not to look as they are trying to be polite and be respectful of the fact it is a difficult scene. Everyone is trying to do their job but not look at you or the camera and film you and have you in focus.
“You just have to have fun with it and laugh, it is part of the job,” she quipped.
The 8 episode series will explore relationships between the lovable characters.
The Wong Girl, Channel Ten’s new series based on Zoe Foster Blake’s hit novel, focuses on Jessica’s character, a television producer named Lily Woodward, as she enters into a lustful relationship with Pete, her university friend played by Ian Meadows.
Painting us a word picture of their awkward intimate scenes, Ian elaborates, “You’re in the bed and there’s this sex scene you are trying to create with a certain atmosphere.”
“As you can imagine, there’s about 40 men and women, mostly men, standing around and it is often in a confined space so it can smell a bit musky so it isn’t a very smooth atmosphere.”
"It is part of the job!"
The South African-born beauty rose to fame on Channel 7’s family drama Packed to the Rafters.
Since then, she’s had no trouble landing some of Australia's most iconic roles, all while juggling her time between acting and her four-year-old daughter Scout, who she shares with her ex co-star James Stewart.
“I get to spend a lot of time with my daughter, which is brilliant,” Jessica says.
Little Scout is growing up so fast!
She went on: “If it is busy it can be difficult to manage but it is difficult to manage when you’re a busy stay at home mum too.
“I am lucky in that I have a good support network around me and her father and I co-parent well.”
WATCH: Jessica wishes her daughter a happy birthday during her Logies speech.

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