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Jessica Biel to open family-friendly restaurant Au Fudge

Jessica Biel to open family-friendly restaurant in Santa Monica called Au Fudge

American actress Jessica Biel is taking on a new role this year as she reveals plans to open her first restaurant.
The family-friendly restaurant called Au Fudge in Santa Monica, has been labelled "Soho House for kids" and will be the new place for celebrities to dine comfortably with their children.
Stars might also take part in the cooking activities that will be offered to guests.
The official Au Fudge Instagram page (@aufudge) left followers drooling after it gave a sneak preview of just a few goodies A-lister diners can expect to see on the pastry menu, including apple pie, lemon slice and chocolate coated macaroons.
Aside from a life filming and being married to singer Justin Timberlake,Biel will definitely have a lot on her plate. She told Jay Leno that she would help with the baking, although she admitted she’s still only a novice.
This proved true when she shared an Instagram snap of an attempt to bake cinnamon buns as she attached the caption "I mistook the salt for sugar & these cinnamon bun beauties were so gross! Moral of the day: Don’t let looks deceive you!"
Hopefully she will have more baking lessons before opening day, but we can’t wait to see which stars and their famous children are lining up to try the much awaited sweet treats.

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