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Jesinta Campbell regularly gets professional help

Jesinta Campbell has spoken out about the importance of seeking professional help for mental health.

By Chloe Lal
The stunning beauty has long supported her husband Lance "Buddy" Franklin with his battle with mental illness.
And now, Jesinta Campbell is speaking to OK! Magazine about how she manages her own head space, admitting she regularly visits a professional for guidance.
"I am not ashamed to say that I see a professional regularly myself," she explained.
"I don't have any fear of talking about it and being open about my mental health or helping those around me feel more comfortable talking about it," the 25-year-old said.
The new Mrs Franklin told the publication that it is very important for her to have sessions with a professional therapist, which give her the chance to "download all my worries and stresses" in a safe environment.
"I've found it really helpful and feel so much better after a session," the Aussie beauty mused, before adding that she feels "mentally lighter" afterwards.
Introducing Mr and Mrs Franklin!
In her new book, Live a Beautiful Life, Jesinta has opened up about her and Buddy's personal struggles.
"There have been just as many ups as there have been downs," she mused in her first publication.
Admitting, "Life has presented me with some extremely challenging times over the past couple of years."
"Recently my fiancé's battle with mental illness was made public after he took time-out from playing football as his team approached the finals," she penned about Buddy's battle with depression.
"At the time, I could go to the gym, put my music in and train, and for that hour nothing occupied my mind other than what was happening in the present moment."
"I learnt that looking after my health means I'm in best shape to take on the challenges in life."
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Jesinta has been applauded for her continuous support of her hubby.
For now, Jesinta and Buddy are focusing on enjoying wedded bliss.
The newlyweds, who tied the knot last Friday, are currently on their honeymoon and the pair seem to be having a wonderful time.
Keeping in line with her secret nuptials, the model has fans guessing where she is exactly.
Sharing an Instagram Story, Jesinta gave the world a peek inside her life and she seems to be a stunning beach, which she describes as "heaven!"
This is the only clues we've been given to Jesinta and Buddy's

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