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Janet Jackson, 50, reveals a baby bump

The expecting singer was glimpsed in a London furniture store where apparently she test drove a baby stroller.

No one has seen much of Janet Jackson since the surprising news of her pregnancy broke in May.
The singer has been keeping a super low profile with this image, run on Entertainment Tonight, one of the only public pictures of her bump in existence.
Janet’s brother, Tito, confirmed in June that his sister and her husband, Qatari businessman, Wissam Al Mana, 41, were having a baby. “She’s doing very well. She’s taking it easy. [She’s] hoping for a healthy baby,” he told PEOPLE. This will be Janet's first child.
No one has heard much else about the pregnancy. Until this photo was taken in London yesterday, the world had kind of forgotten about Janet’s pregnancy.
An eyewitness to yesterday’s store visit revealed to ET that “Jackson arrived at the store in a chauffeured black Mercedes along with her bodyguard, her assistant and two others from her entourage. Jackson was greeted by staff, who shut the doors for her visit and seated her at a table to seemingly go over some of their merchandise. … She also strolled the store and took an interest in one of the prams.”
Celebrity watchers speculate that the baby is due in November.
There is also only speculation on how the singer got pregnant. The chances of natural conception at the age of 50 are teeny. Even IVF using the mum’s eggs would have a very low chance of success, because egg quality at this age is very, very low.
In fact, just 0.01 percent of all births occur in women over age 47, it’s estimated, and that number includes all births, using IVF and donor eggs.
As with Sonia Kruger, the most likely way a woman aged over 50 gets pregnant is using a donor egg and IVF.

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