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EXCLUSIVE: Jane Hall's "beautiful" Christmas tradition with her daughter, Lucia, and her ex-partner's family

Blended families are the new normal these days!

By Tiffany Dunk
For Jane Hall and her daughter Lucia, this Christmas marks a milestone – it will be their first waking up in separate homes.
Having finished high school last year, Lucia has flown the family coop, taking a gap year from her psychology and criminology degree and, in the words of her chuffed mum, "living her best life."
"On Christmas Eve she'll be out at some sort of party rather than hanging out with her mother," Jane laughs.
"But that's as it should be. She's almost 19 and pretty much grown up. So I'm happy for her.
For Jane Hall and her daughter Lucia, this Christmas marks a milestone. (Image: Alana Lansberry / Are Media)
"She's got a very independent spirit and that's probably the thing she has most in common with me – I was off and away and starting my own life straight out of high school as well. I flew to Sydney at 18 to do a stint on Home and Away.
"You've just got to embrace the letting go and hope you have equipped them with enough good stuff to face whatever is ahead of them.
"Then make sure they know your door is open, your love is abundant, and you'll always be there if you're needed."
Despite the (walking) distance between the pair's homes now, one thing certainly hasn't changed – they will spend the holiday season celebrating with family.
Jane's parents may have divorced when she was young but her mum, dad and their new partners all come together on the day as well as her two sisters, cousins and more extended family members.
"We are all in it together and it's just wonderful," she says.
"I have so many memories of being up with my sisters on Christmas morning. We didn't have a lot of money, but mum and dad tried really hard to give us a sense of abundance for that one time of the year.
"There's usually just one Christmas celebration so we don't have to do that thing of dragging ourselves around with each parent. We just all get together and it's pretty joyful really.

"It's a credit to everyone in my family. I have fantastic parents and they've always put us girls first and I'm trying to continue the tradition with Lucia.
"My ex-partner Vince Colosimo, Lucia and I always do something for Christmas as well with Vince's second child Massimo and his mum Diana Glenn who is a great friend of mine.
"We have our own celebration as well which is beautiful."
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