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Jamie Oliver's son interrupts filming for toilet break

Doesn't matter who you, or what you are doing, when the call of nature hits you gotta go.

While filming a segment for his YouTube channel Jamie Oliver's son makes a bolt for the garden to take a toilet break tells Nine News.
Cooking pizza as family with his son, Buddy, and daughter, Petal, Oliver had to interrupt the proceedings when Buddy wrestled with door to get outside the kitchen in time to answer the call of nature.
With Buddy's little head visible through the window Oliver went on to laughingly tell that his son would take a pee anywhere, any time.
“If I introduced him to the Queen he’d go ‘Just a minute, ma’am,’ and he’d just take a slash anywhere,” Oliver laughs. Looking over his shoulder at the little blond head he adds -
"That's my life right there."
“Etiquette would say that I cut that out but I’m leaving that in for all the parents out there, cause you parents are all going, ‘yeah I got one of those too’,”

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