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Hang on, is Kylie Jenner pregnant or not?

Her latest photos have everyone asking.

By Holly Royce
The world is on Kardishan/Jenner watch after reports surfaced that both Kylie and her sister Khloe Kardashian
were pregnant. These rumours have not been confirmed by any of the Kardashian clan, apart from their estranged father, Caitlin Jenner.
And so we keep asking, are either of them really up the duff? Is Kylie Jenner really pregnant?
Based on her latest photos, some fans are calling bull on the whole game.
A full body shot of the star shared in a Snap Chat story.
The above photo was shared on the reality star's snap chat recently, and while it may have been intended to dispel rumours of pregnancy we have to admit, it's only fueling our fire - what could that black jumper be hiding?
However, that's not the photo that has everyone talking.
One eagle-eyed Twitter user noted another image shared by Kris Jenner's daughter, one that someone who is supposedly pregnant would not be buying.
Check out that pink box siting in the top right-hand corner.
Look, they could be for anyone she's travelling with, or maybe they're there to throw us off the scent.. or maybe... Kylie Jenner isn't pregnant, and her absence from family isn't because she's hiding a pregnant belly but because she's hiding from family events.
Hmmm - guess only time (and 'official sources close to the star') will tell.