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Bindi Irwin turns 20! Inside her lavish birthday bash at Australia Zoo

A look at Bindi’s special day.

As Bindi Irwin celebrated her 20th Birthday at Australia Zoo, surrounded by family and friends, she was overcome with emotion.
I'm so lucky I've gotten to share my whole life with you guys. It's such a blessing to know you for so many years, and thank you for your wonderful support," she said on Today.
"I'm really happy. Today is a beautiful day to celebrate with my beautiful family at Australia Zoo," she added. "What more could you want? Koala cuddles on this warm winter morning -- it's perfection."
Bindi Irwin celebrates her 20th birthday surrounded by friends
Bindi was all smiles as she posed with brother Robert and mother Terri
But Koala cuddles weren't the only thing that Bindi had in store on her special day, her boyfriend Chandler also came bearing gifts.
"Chandler surprised me because I always say every day should be your birthday because life should be a celebration," Bindi gushed.
"So he got them for me early just to say happy early birthday… so that was nice. We're very lucky."
Like her parents fateful first meeting while Steve Irwin was performing a croc show, Australia's wildlife princess first met Chandler in 2013 when she took his family on a tour of Australia Zoo in Queensland.
Bindi cosies up to her beau Chandler who bought her flowers ahead of her birthday
The pair hit it off and Chandler, ever the gentleman, asked Bindi's mother Terri Irwin for her blessing to keep in touch with the star.
Bindi revealed in an interview with People magazine that she still grieves for The Crocodile Hunter, who died suddenly in 2006 after a stingray accident when she was only eight years old.
"That kind of sadness never goes away. It's like losing a piece of your heart that you never get back."
Bindi said that after her father died, "So many adults came up to me and said, 'Honey, time heals all wounds'…That is the biggest lie you will ever hear. It doesn't."
Bindi smiles as she's surrounded by adoring fans at the zoo
In spite of her immense loss, Bindi continues to carry on his good work as a young conservationist and wildlife champion.
"You can take the path that leads you down the aisle of sadness, or you can say, 'I'm never going to let this person's memory die. I'm going to make sure everything they worked for continues."
The animal activist is adamant about making her loved-ones proud.
"Mum and Dad are truly my heroes. And I have to say, so is my little brother Robert. He's 11 and he's just the most amazing boy. He's so much like Dad sometimes it's a bit scary. Dad is and always will be my living, breathing superhero."
We think Bindi is turning into quite the hero herself and Steve would be so incredibly proud of his eldest child.
Bindi had a special Koala cake made for her!

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