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Ian Thorpe breaks his silence on his former long-term boyfriend Ryan Channing's shock death

''It is tragic.''

By Faye Couros
Olympic legend Ian Thorpe has opened up about his former long-term partner's death for the first time.
Ryan Channing passed away in Bali at just 32-years-old earlier this month, and Ian has spoken to the Daily Telegraph about the tragedy.
"This is a relationship that I had that was a long-term relationship, and I feel for Ryan's family," he said.
The sports star continued to ask for respect during this difficult time.
"I feel for Ryan's family." (Image: Getty)
"I hope people are able to respect their privacy as well. I think when it is someone that is so young, it is tragic for anyone to see them passing at that kind of age."
The news of Ryan's passing was confirmed by his brother Jake on Instagram, who told followers, it "wasn't COVID related."
"It is with a heavy heart I announce that my brother Ryan has recently passed away on Sunday the 8th of May at 32 years of age.
"I hope people are able to respect their privacy as well." (Image: Getty)
"As we seek answers and try come to terms with the heartbreaking loss of my beautiful big brother, we ask for your prayers, support and privacy, he will be forever loved, never forgotten and forever young," he wrote.
"To my big brother, I love you, I'll see you one day soon you'll be missed more than you know."
The skincare entrepreneur's cause of death hasn't been made public, but it was reported by the Daily Telegraph that he passed from a prescription medication overdose.
The couple were trying to start a family together. (Image: Getty)
When the news broke, a friend told the publication that "everyone is distraught" and that he had been "battling health issues" for a while.
Ian and Ryan's relationship began in 2015, and it was the swimming legend's first public relationship, but they sadly split in 2019.
During their highly publicised union, they spoke openly about their dreams of starting a family together and that they sought out a potential surrogate.
At the time of their split, fans were concerned trying to grow their family had caused a wedge between them. But Ryan slammed those claims during a chat with WHO Magazine in 2019.
"There has been talk Ian wasn't ready for a family. I can't comment on his behalf, but that was never a discussion as to why we were separating," he said.
"It was more around the busy lifestyles we lead now, and the fact it was hard to manage the relationship with the travel schedules we have."
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