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Home and Away actor Joel McIlroy arrested after allegedly punching female police officer

He has been accused of punching and shoulder-charging a female police officer.

By Anita Lyons
Former Home and Away actor, Joel McIlroy has been accused of punching and shoulder-charging a female police officer in Surry Hills, Sydney.
The 46-year-old allegedly assaulted the officer on Tuesday and is due to face Central Local Court on Wednesday.
According to News.com.au, the former actor, who played Flynn Saunders on the popular soap from 2003 to 2006, spent the night in jail.
Police allege that officers from the transport action group had arrested another man for minor property-related offences, when McIlroy approached the scene.
The actor was then told to leave, but refused by allegedly shoulder charging a female senior constable.
According to reports, a struggle took place with McIlroy and two officers falling to the ground, resulting in his arrest and being taken to the police station.
Joel McIlroy with TV wife Kate Ritchie. (Source: Channel 7)
Joel with co-star Tammin Sursok. (Source: Getty Images)
A statement issued by NSW Police said that the constable, 29, was left with injuries to her face, neck and shoulder after allegedly being punched repeatedly.
According to the publication, she was treated by paramedics before being taken to St Vincent's Hospital, where she was discharged Wednesday morning with numerous injuries.
McIlroy was charged with two counts of assault officer in execution of duty, resist officer in execution of duty, and wilfully obstruct officer in execution of duty.