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The secret life of pets

These hidden cameras show the hilarious things pets do when home alone...

Ever wondered what your pets get up to when they’re home alone?
Well for some of these home owners, their questions were answered.
A series of videos captured by hidden cameras on the Nest Cam YouTube channel have revealed all the mischievous and hilarious things dogs do to amuse themselves.
The way your dog behaves while alone can actually mean a few different things.
The RSPCA says that if the dog starts chewing, digging, urinating on things or trying to escape, it could mean they have separation anxiety.
Or, they could just be bored! Always make sure that when leaving your pet at home alone, have plenty of toys they can entertain themselves with.
Take a look at these videos below of pets getting up to all sorts of mischief:
No sleep for this dog, it's all about the dancing! And look at the pug sitting on the lounge on the right, just casually watching. Hilarious!
We guess Christmas came early for this nosy dog!
This young pup just wants to play!
Uh-oh, this dog's owners aren't going to be happy with chewed-up lounge cushions.
This dog must have been pretty hungry for the jerky sitting on the table.

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