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Hamish crashed Andy's night of nights and got evicted - by Andy

“Please go home,” Andy begged.

By Kate Wagner
Hamish without Andy is a concept too bizarre to grasp. It’s like Hansel without Gretel, fish without chips, cops without robbers – it just doesn’t make sense.
Sure, we understand that they probably leave each other to go home to their families and the like, but we just assumed they’d be face-timing the entire time.
So boy was it news to us that when Andy was inducted onto his high school’s wall of fame and Hamish wasn’t invited.
It seemed to be a shock to Hamish as well, who decided to crash the party.
“He's mentioned to me so many times, I'm pretty sure what he's saying is, ‘Ham, I want you to come along!’” Hamish explained.
The radio presenter and Cacklin' Jack Post, dressed in their finest tuxedos, hired a limo to gate crash Andy’s night of nights.
Although the limo suffered a minor accident, the boy bravely fought through to the warmest reception they could hope for.
“Please go home,” Andy laughed when he saw them.
Undeterred, Hamish reassured Andy that he’d “picked up on [the] hints” and had made his way there.
“I will have you escorted out.”
“Ando was just saying what an honour it’s been to have me surprise him and how thrilled he is I got all his hints during the week,” Hamish ploughed on.
Hamish was delighted with the tour of Andy’s old stomping ground – which turned out to be him getting evicted from the venue.
“Being evicted has been more confusing than the car accident,” Hamish revealed to the camera, and we can’t help but agree.
All of our heads are spinning.
With an hour-and-a half left of limo hire, Hamish and Jack had a limo party in Andy’s honour.
Although these boys are set to leave our airways soon, this video proves they're (thankfully) in no rush to leave our lives.