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Greg Norman's shock reveal over Olivia Newton-John's missing partner

The golfer says his good friend is being kept in the dark.

After years of heartache, Olivia Newton-John recently admitted she’ll always wonder what happened to her missing lover Patrick McDermott, and she conceded she’ll never give up hope he may still be alive.
Now the singer’s good friend, Aussie golfer Greg Norman, has spoken out, making the bizarre new claim that Patrick’s ex-wife Yvette Nipar is hiding information that could help authorities track him down.
The sports champion, 61, reportedly made the astonishing claims in a phone call to private investigator Philip Klein, who has dedicated himself to finding Patrick since he went missing on a fishing trip off the coast of California on June 30, 2005.
While Olivia, 68, has called actress Yvette, 52, one of her best friends in the 11 years since Patrick went missing, some of her friends, including Greg, 
are allegedly questioning Yvette’s motives.
“Greg Norman called me a long time ago. He called me and said, ‘I know Olivia, she’s a good friend’,” Philip tells Woman’s Day exclusively.
Olivia and Patrick looking happy together just eight months before he disappeared.
Outspoken Greg thinks Patrick's ex-wife Yvette is keeping secrets.
“He gave some background information. He said it was a bad situation and there were people in his camp that felt Yvette was using Olivia.”
Contrary to reports from a coast guard that say Patrick “most likely drowned”, Phillip believes the former cameraman, who would now be 59, is alive and living in a remote part of Mexico.
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