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Gordon and Tana Ramsay's miscarriage heartache

The celebrity chef revealed the tragic news to fans via Facebook.

By Elizabeth Best
After excitedly announcing they were expecting to the world just two months ago, Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tana have suffered a tragic blow.
Gordon revealed to fans that Tana had suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage five months in to her pregnancy.
The 49-year-old shared the sad news on social media, penning a post on Facebook thanking everyone for their support during this tough time.
“Tana and I want to thank you so much for your support over the past couple of weeks,” he wrote.
The chef wrote his heartfelt thanks beside a photo of him kissing his wife.
The cooking couple had only just announced they were expecting two months ago.
“We had a devastating weekend as Tana has sadly miscarried our son at five months.”
The celebrity chef went on to say that he and his 41-year-old wife will be taking the time to mourn the loss with their family.
Gordon also thanked hospital staff for doing all they could.
“We’re together healing as a family,” he explained. “But we want to thank everyone again for all your amazing support and well wishes.
“I’d especially like to send a big thank you to the amazing team at Portland Hospital for everything they’ve done.”
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Gordon has made no secret over the years of being a huge family man, remaining eternally devoted to raising his four children Megan, 18, twins Holly and Jack, 16 and Matilda, 14, alongside his wife of 20 years.
The pair had announced they were expecting their fifth child back in April.

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