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Glenn McGrath recalls the harrowing moment his second wife Sara nearly died during childbirth

Thankfully this story had a happy ending.

By Chloe Lal
Glenn McGrath has faced more heartbreak than most have in a lifetime.
The celebrated Australian cricketer's beloved first wife Jane McGrath died in 2008 from breast cancer.
Miraculously, the retired sporting legend found love again with Sara Leonardi McGrath - though he nearly lost his love during what was supposed to be one of the happiest moments of his life.

The 47-year-old sat down with Stellar magazine, where he recounted how Sara nearly died while she was giving to their daughter Madison.
"I remember the doctor looking deeply concerned. Later, he said Sara was really ill and wouldn't have lasted another 24 hours."
"Her lungs were filling with fluid and she was struggling to breathe."
"Afterwards he told us Sara was one of the worst two cases he'd seen in his career."

Despite the horrifying ordeal, they welcomed their first child together on September 4th, 2015 - seven weeks earlier than her due date.
The stepmum to James and Holly had awoken to a pain in her ears, and was rushed to hospital after she was diagnosed with life-threatening pre-eclampsia.
Thanks to the couple's incredible medical team, both Sara and their baby were fine.
Glenn, Sara, James and Holly McGrath are the happiest family unit.
Young Madison in now two years old.
Sara and Glenn, who married in 2010, are the perfect example of a blended family.
Along with their child together, and Glenn's kids with Jane son James, 17, and daughter Holly, 16, Sara says, "Our family is complete, and we’re so happy."

Jane is always close to Glenn's heart as he continues to work tirelessly for her charity, The Jane McGrath foundation.
The proud mum believes her little girl helped bring them all together.
"We were always close, but now we’re even closer because we all have to watch out for her. Everyone knows she’s the little one. It’s almost like she’s being parented by four people," she said.
While Glenn is in awe of how mature his eldest two are with their little sister.
"Holly loves playing with her, and James can’t walk past without picking her up and giving her a hug or kiss."

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