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George Michael's partner shares a heartbreaking tribute

As the world mourns the loss of music legend George Michael, further details surrounding his tragic death are coming to light - including his partner's grim discovery.

By Bella Brennan
George Michael's partner, Fadi Fawaz, has penned a devastating tweet revealing he discovered his boyfriend's lifeless body at his Oxfordshire home on Christmas day.
"ITs a xmas i will never forget finding your partner dead peacefully in bed first thing in the morning.. I will never stop missing you xx," the London hairdresser penned.
Fadi, who had been with the star since 2012, also spoke to the UK's Telegraph and revealed his utter shock over his partner's death.
“We were supposed to be going for Christmas lunch. I went round there to wake him up and he was just gone, lying peacefully in bed. We don’t know what happened yet,” he told the publication.
“Everything had been very complicated recently, but George was looking forward to Christmas, and so was I. Now everything is ruined. I want people to remember him the way he was — he was a beautiful person.”
According to George's manager, Michael Lippman, the former Wham! frontman's death was caused by heart failure.
The singer's partner, Fadi Fawaz, discovered his body on Christmas morning.
In the lead up to his death, the songwriter became somewhat of a recluse and rarely left his house.
Final photos of the '80s superstar have since emerged, showing a bloated and tired George heading out to dinner at an Oxfordshire restaurant with friends on September 14th.
Meanwhile, speculation surrounding the singer's well-being has started to swirl.
George was last seen in public during a dinner with friends back in September.
18 months ago, the Careless Whisper hitmaker checked into the world's most expensive rehab clinic, Kusnacht Practice, near Zurich, reportedly for depression.
Another report from the UK's Telegraph claims George was battling a crippling heroin addiction.
"He’s been rushed to A&E on several occasions. He used heroin. I think it’s amazing he’s lasted as long as he has," a source told the paper.
The 53-year-old appeared bloated and tired during his last known outing.
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