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Don't panic but someone very close to George and Amal just confirmed their baby news

She’s been keeping their exciting news private, but Amal’s star hubby just couldn’t keep up the act!

George & Amal Clooney

The whole world is desperate for George and Amal Clooney to either confirm or deny the baby rumours surrounding them at the moment.

And while the genetically blessed duo have yet to announce their baby news in public – it’s become a very different story in their inner circle!

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George and Amal are the perfect couple.
George and Amal are the perfect couple.

The couple’s English neighbour Joan Farnese says George all but confirmed the news when she spotted him out on a stroll near the English countryside home in Berkshire he and Amal share.

“When’s the baby due?” she cheekily asked the actor – and though he stayed silent, the grin spreading across his face said it all, before he confirmed the news with a sly wink and a nod!

The couple have been together since 2013, and tied the knot in an intimate Venice wedding a year later.

And while Amal’s father is quoted as saying “Now it’s time for grandchildren!”, he probably hadn’t thought it’d take them 3 years.

Luckily for Mr Alamuddin, it seems now’s the time. Amal was looking bumpier than ever when she and her hubby stepped out for dinner in Barcelona to celebrate her 39th birthday last week, along with George’s parents Nick and Nina.

There's no denying they'd make incredibly cute and clever kids.
There's no denying they'd make incredibly cute and clever kids.

The human rights lawyer has also ditched her favourite red wine tipple, according to a waitress at George’s favourite pub The Bull. “They’ve always ordered red wine, but this time they had coffee, and Amal wanted decaf,” the waitress reveals. “Amal must be having pregnancy sugar cravings because she’s started eating sticky toffee pudding, which she never did before!”

While George, 55, has always sworn off fatherhood in the past, his closest friends have long suspected he was protesting too much. “He would be a great dad,” gushes good pal Julia Roberts.

Fingers crossed!

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