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Fifi's flirty photo shoot

Usually Fifi Box is racing around Australia reporting the weather, but yesterday she swapped her gumboots for a glamorous Tim O'Connor dress.
The single 32-year-old was part of a shoot to launch Baileys with a Hint of Coffee at Sydney's Argyle Hotel in The Rocks and apparently had a lot of flirty fun with the cute baristas.
Like most single girls, Fifi didn't let the opportunity to get cosy with the baristas pass her by. "Baileys with a Hint of Coffee is made all the more delicious with great company," she said playfully as she posed with the two baristas.
Always up for a good laugh and trying new things, Fifi had no problem climbing a tall espresso cup tower as part of the shoot, but she ensured she had the handsome baristas on hand to help her. "Will you catch me if I fall?" she asked with a grin.
The fun flirting at the shoot almost led to one of the baristas asking Fifi out, but his nerves got the better of him.

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