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It only took a year, but Fifi Box confirms her romance with Damien Richardson

Because these Neighbours became really good friends...

By Chloe Lal
There are some things in life we all know as "fact" without having any official word. Like when we all knew Laura Byrne had won Matty J's heart on The Bachelor, or that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are 100% already engaged (despite a pesky royal announcement not actually happening yet)...
Now, the mother to four-year-old Trixie Box has finally confirmed her not-so-secret relationship news, and we're overjoyed for the pair.
Woman's Day announced Fifi's romance with Damien last year. (Image/Media Mode)
Over the weekend, the 40-year-old radio host spoke to The Herald Sun, remarking, "I am really happy at the moment and fortunately off the dating scene."
"I’ve learnt over the last decade or so that life sweeps you up in a whirlwind and you wonder where it is going."
"What I really appreciate at this time in my life is just being present and loving now."
"I am happy in my relationship, I am loving my job," she quipped, before adding, "but more than anything my absolute priority is Trixie."
"She is the love of my life and she is everything."

Fifi Box, who shares her daughter with former flame Grant Kenny, didn't expect to find real-life romance with her on-screen love-interest on Neighbours but fate ultimately stepped in.
Damien, who is a dad-of-three, was in the middle of finalising his divorce with his ex-wife Nicole when he met the radio-host on the soapie.
"I am just lucky everything has fallen in around that and I am in a really good space and that feels really good," Fifi admitted.
"Any of my relationships, they have snuck up on me or they spring into your life and you go: 'Wow, I did not see that coming,'" she mused.
The couple met on the hit drama Neighbours.
Fifi first spoke of her leading man during a segment on her radio show back in May, dishing to her listeners that his code name was "Steven."
The proud mama gushed, "I like him very, very, very, very, very much. He's everything I wanted."
While Damien hasn't voiced his side of their story, his ex-wife chatted Woman's Day about him moving on.
Nicole admitted that it was "difficult to deal with", saying she felt "hurt, betrayed and embarrassed."

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