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Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk have a very tense standoff at Wimbledon

Social media lit up with speculation about the couple, who appeared to have a very frosty exchange indeed during the men’s final.

By Elizabeth Best
Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Irina Shayk appeared to have a very different kind of match than the one happening on court at the Wimbledon men’s final.
The pair appeared to be right in the middle of an argument and the atmosphere was so awkward that even people watching the game began to notice.
Bradley appeared to be desperately trying to talk to Irina, but she would have none of it.
She remained stony faced and sullen, at one stage turning away from her 41-year-old beau to wipe tears from her eyes.
Make up your own mind from the video below. Was that an argument between the couple or not? Post continues below.
That doesn't look like a fun conversation.
The actor seemed to be trying as hard as he could to end the issue but the hostility between them was palpable, and people took to social media to speculate.
“Uh oh, I think Bradley Cooper is in a fight,” one user piped up.
“Pray for Bradley Cooper!” another said, next to a video of Irina turning away from her man.
The duo looked particularly tense...
Not even Bradley's boyish charm could make Irina budge.
Many speculated the awkward exchange was due to the fact that Bradley’s ex, Suki Waterhouse, was also in the building.
It was a very different story earlier on in the tournament, with the two showing loads of PDA while watching the previous matches.
Just the other day, the pair couldn't keep their hands off each other.
Meanwhile a source has come forward claiming the pair were not fighting.
"They were not fighting," the insider revealed to E Online. "Everything is fine.”

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