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EXCLUSIVE: Delta Goodrem's secret crisis revealed

The Aussie singer and Voice judge hasn't had an easy ride professionally or personally.

She may be putting on a smile as she coaches aspiring singers on The Voice, but away from the cameras, insiders say Delta Goodrem's life has been quickly unravelling – and she's turned to partying to help her through it.
The 34-year-old songstress has been trying to crack the tough US music scene for the better part of a decade, but one source says another wave of rejection recently has tipped her over the edge.
Delta has been trying to make it big in the US scene for the better part of a decade. (Image: Instagram @deltagoodrem)
"After arriving back in LA a couple of weeks ago, she had a string of meetings with record companies, including Interscope and Sony, but she failed to secure a deal," says our insider. "She was crying to her friends about how she felt her confidence had been knocked yet again."
Indeed, while Delta has maintained her success on local shores, it seems she's ready to give up on her efforts to make a name for herself Stateside.
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Moving back home

"She's failed to make it and it's only become more soul-destroying as time has gone on," the source says, adding that Delta is contemplating selling her LA home to resettle in Australia permanently.
In her time of despair, the singer has apparently turned to partying, which has left her friends concerned for her wellbeing.
"She's been going out a lot, which is clearly to help mask the pain," says the insider. "Her friends have tried to warn her about drowning her sorrows as she only feels worse after a night out – it doesn't help her mental state and her skin breaks out – but she just wants to let her hair down."
Delta is contemplating selling her LA home to resettle in Australia permanently. (Image: Getty Images)
But sadly for Delta, she also has relationship dramas to deal with. Insiders say her romance with musician Matthew Copley, who plays in her band, is on shaky ground, and the pair are even said to have had a break last month after a string of rows.
"At the end of the day, Delta is desperate to settle down and have kids, but Matt's made it clear he's not ready for that yet, and it's just another blow to her at this point," our source reveals.

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