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David Oldfield's disgusting behaviour towards Candice Warner should not be accepted

It may be in the name of "reality TV" - but it is absolutely appalling.

By Chloe Lal
David Oldfield prides himself for "saying it how it is."
The 59-year-old Hell's Kitchen contestant is a former Australian politician who co-founded and was deputy leader of the Pauline Hanson's One Nation party.
He's gone on to do a number of things, like talk-back radio and star on the long-forgotten 2006 series of Celebrity Survivor.
David also features on his wife Real Housewives star Lisa Oldfield's Instagram. Here is an image of them in a post-coital selfie.
In 2016, the father-of-two young boys appeared on the SBS program First Contact.
The premise of the program takes a group of Aussies who've had limited contact with indigenous people and brings them together.
In the first episode, David shared that Aboriginal culture "should have died out, like the Stone Age died out." Though, the former One Nation politician vows he is not racist.
But that's not what we're discussing today.

Today, we're reflecting on the fact that he decided slut shame Candice Warner on national TV.
During his final stint on the cooking show Hell's Kitchen, David was joined by previously eliminated celebrity chefs Jess Fox, David Oldfield, Candice Warner and Pettifleur Berenger.
The show's grand final saw a cook-off between Gary "Gaz" Beadle and actress Debra Lawrance - who won.

But who wants to talk food when you can leave a bitter taste in everyone's mouth.
Last night, David's ongoing feud with athlete Candice Warner reached boiling point.
“According to Google, your greatest achievement was done in a toilet cubicle,” he shouted at her, commenting on Candice's liaison with football player Sonny Bill Williams which occurred in a pub toilet cubicle, back in 2007.
Candice lived up to her ironwoman strength, hitting back: "And so how is Pauline Hanson?"
The pair's co-stars were dismayed, with Pettifleur calling the jab a "low blow" and "disgusting".
While Sam Frost quipped, "It has been so lovely to have everyone back together."
Watch it all unfold below!
So why did Candice get such a reaction? Because she voiced what many people think.
Prior to David's comments, the 32-year-old said, "'How you have achieved, what you've achieved, is beyond me."
Adding, "You're not voting who's going to be the next Prime Minister. Is that why One Nation has never done any good?"
Candice handled herself with grace.
The entire Hell's Kitchen gang.
Candice, who is now married to cricketer David Warner and the mum to her two beautiful girls, Ivy Mae and Indi Rae, has well and truly moved on from that moment that occurred over a decade ago.
At the time, the sports star left Sydney and went to Perth to escape the media storm.
She confessed to Australian Story, "The thought of the pain that I went through, I wouldn't wish that upon anybody, even my worst enemies."
"Whatever happened, happened. I wish it hadn’t. But the point is, it didn’t deserve the media beat-up it got."
Debra may be wearing the Hell's Kitchen crown, but we're causally bowing down to Candice!

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