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Dave Hughes insulted Carrie Bickmore's son Ollie but his apology was SO extra

Is it too late now to say sorry?

By Erin Doyle
After Dave Hughes jokingly called Carrie Bickmore's 11-year-old son Ollie an "A-hole" live on-air this week, he had a whole lot of making up to do.
The comedian knew he had to go big and originally wanted to write "I'm sorry" in the sky in a desperate attempt to beg for Ollie's forgiveness.
But when the weather had other plans, Dave resorted to another tactic – and it was just as extra!
From the Hit Network radio studios Dave called Ollie, who was with his mum Carrie and her co-host Tommy Little, and told them to go outside on the street.
Dave quickly dashed any expectations of a cloud-written apology but said he had a surprise in store for the youngster.
"I've gone to a plan B, it's not my A-grade plan but I hope it does the job," Dave told him.
"Drum roll and then I want you to look on the road."
Nothing like getting an apology on the side of a truck! (Image: Instagram @bickmorecarrie)
At that moment a giant truck rolled past with the words "I'm sorry Ollie! Calling you an A-hole makes me an A-hole" emblazoned on the side, which left Ollie, Carrie and Tommy in fits of laughter.
Continuing his dramatic apology, Dave doubled-down, adding: "I am the A-hole, you are not an A-hole.
'You are a great son and your mother and everyone else loves you and do you accept my apology, Ollie?"
Luckily for Dave, Ollie said yes and all was forgiven!
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Ollie is Carrie's eldest child, who she shared with her late husband Greg Lange before he died from brain cancer when Ollie was three-years-old.
On Ollie's 10th birthday in September 2017, Carrie wrote a touching Instagram post to mark the milestone and referenced Greg.
"Ollie we have been on a big journey together honey, but raising you has been the easy bit," she wrote.
Hughesy had to go hard or go home after calling Ollie and "A-hole" on radio. (Image: Getty Images)
"I never take for granted how lucky I am to have been given the chance to watch you grow up... You are the kindest, happiest, funniest, and most resilient young man.
"Your dad would be so proud of you who are."
"Here's to many more years of life together beautiful boy," she signed off. "Happy 10th birthday. Don't ever stop snuggling next to me (well maybe one day-but not yet!)."
Ollie is Carrie's firstborn child (pictured in hospital as a newborn) (Image: Instagram @bickmorecarrie)

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