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"I'm incredibly proud of her." Dan MacPherson opens up about wife Zoe Ventoura

The Aussie actor reveals how he keeps their marriage strong, despite the long distance.

By Stephen Downie
Dan MacPherson is continuing 2018 after an epic year for his career. He stars in British-American series Strike Back, in which he plays US Sergeant Samuel Wyatt.
"It was a breakthrough year for me," Dan says of 2017. "It's satisfying, because I started at the bottom when I got to LA."
He explains there are many steps involved for actors to succeed in the US.
"Some people are lucky and step off the plane and it just happens," he says. "But for the majority, it's a grind."
Success in the US lies in getting a work visa, then an agent and a manager, and nailing the accent.
"You have to put all the pieces into place to be an overnight success," Dan laughs.
But the talented Aussie could have been chasing dreams in LA sooner than he did.
Dan plays Sergeant Samuel Wyatt on Strike Back
Back in 2007, Dan and fellow Aussie Chris Hemsworth were preparing to jump on a plane with talent agent Mark Morrissey, who manages both the actors.
Then Dan was offered a role in drama series City Homicide. The Channel Seven series kept him Down Under for a few more years, while Chris landed in the US and became a Norse god, as the legend goes.
"The Hemsworths and I are great buddies," Dan says. "Luke and I started on Neighbours together – he played a drug dealer at Erinsborough High.
"Twenty years later, we're living in Santa Monica, and I'm on Strike Back. And he's living in Malibu and on Westworld."
Dan is also proud his relationship with wife Zoe Ventoura, who appeared on Packed To The Rafters, has survived their move to Hollywood.

"We've done this together," he says. "We've both left successful careers in Australia to try to have success in America."
He adds: "I don't think our relationship would have survived if we weren't both actors and could understand what we're going through together. No-one could fathom the craziness of LA."
It seems Zoe also had a busy 2017. The actress appeared in Love Child and is set to star in Underbelly Files: Chopper.
"I'm incredibly proud of her," Dan says.
The couple, who met on the set of short-lived Aussie drama Wild Boys, married in 2015. Now the question is – will they start a family?
"That's the question on the lips of our families and friends," Dan smiles. "Mine and Zoe's brothers have two daughters each, so it takes the pressure off."
But having a family is still high on their list.
"We're working towards it," he says. "But being in the same timezone would make it much easier."
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