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BREAKING: Craig McLachlan charged with indecent assault offences

The actor has been issued a court attendance notice in relation to the charges.

By Jess Pullar
Award winning Australian actor Craig McLachlan has been charged with indecent assault.
The Gold Logie award winning actor has been given a court attendance notice in relation to one count of common assault and eight counts of indecent assault.
Craig McLachlan has been charged with indecent assault. (Image: Getty)
Last year, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age and ABC revealed several of his female co-stars from a production of the Rocky Horror Show had accused the actor of indecent and inappropriate behaviour.
The accusations came from his behaviour in 2014 when the production took place.
He is expected to appear in court on February 8, 2019.
WATCH: Craig McLachlan speaks about his role on the Rocky Horror Show. Story continues...
In January 2018, McLachlan told The Sunday Telegraph that he planned to launch legal action against both Fairfax and the ABC for the "annihilation of his career" after reporting claims of sexual misconduct and bullying.
Craig stepped down from his role in The Rocky Horror Picture Show after former Home and Away star Erika Heynatz, Christie Whelan Browne and Angela Scundi came forward saying the actor had "abused, harassed or assaulted" them during the 2014 stage show.
"By God I will fight this- and the truth, the truth will come out," he told The Sunday Telegraph.
"Does being cheeky and naughty equate with being a bully? No, it does not," he told the publication at the time.
Craig appeared in a production of The Rocky Horror picture show in 2014.
At the time, Craig did not comment on the precise allegations that were being made against him, but he did admit to having a "lewd" sense of humour.
"Dave Allen, Benny Hill lewd? Yeah, you bet. In the right company."
"The lewdness I am surrounded by on a show like Rocky Horror is, as they say on Spinal Tap, 11. I might be operating on 10, but all around me … in the lewd department, I am nothing compared with what's surrounding me. As the old boy, I don't come close in the filth department."
In October 2018, The Blake Mysteries star Nadine Garner spoke candidly to The Australian Women's Weekly about the "grieving" she went through after news broke that her on-screen husband Craig McLachlan was accused of bullying and sexual assault.
"I went through a grieving for what happened to Craig personally and professionally," she said.
Nadine described Craig at the time as "flirty, fun, cheeky and a bit bawdy at times," before adding "and he's been that way for 30 years."
Craig and his partner Vanessa Scammell in 2016.
Meanwhile, Craig McLachlan's partner Vanessa Scammell also spoke out on the allegations last year, telling 2GB that the last few months had been tough for the couple.
"We are determined and will do everything we can to move through this and clear his name and for everyone to realise that the person that is 'Craig McLachlan' is not the person who has been painted," she said at the time.