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Chrissy Teigen gets the ultimate revenge after John Legend dances with another woman

Note to self: never rub this celeb mum the wrong way!

By Ellie McDonald
There’s nothing quite like celebrating Mother’s Day than getting a matching tattoo with a total stranger in a bid to get back at your husband…
Wait, what?!
Never one to shy away from hilarity, Chrissy Teigen has decided to get even with her love, John Legend, in the most comedic way, after the All Of Me singer danced with a female fan at one of his concerts.
Chrissy, 31, who is currently travelling with John and their adorable 13-month-old little girl, Luna, as part of his Darkness And Light tour, shot a video out the front of a henna tattoo shop and introduced her legions of followers to Eddie, a random stranger she had enlisted to get a tattoo with.
“I’m Chrissy Teigen, and you guys get to pick your ultimate henna on my lower back,” Chrissy says in the video, taking Eddie by the hand and walking towards the shop.
As reported by PEOPLE, Chrissy’s friend confirmed that payback prank, saying in the video, “John got to dance with a woman at his concert, so Chrissy gets to take one man and hold hands with him – John, don’t be jealous!”
Next thing we know, Chrissy is down to her nude underwear, sitting on a stool as she gets inked with the temporary henna tattoo, which reads: “IT’S A PRANK BRUH”.
Introducing Chrissy's random new friend, Eddie!
One word: hilarious!
Not one to be bucked by Chrissy’s too-funny jest at him, John later posted a super-sweet Mother’s Day tribute to Chrissy as well as each of their own mothers.

It’s fair to say that this couple are far from ordinary people…

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