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Chrissie Swan speaks out after saying she had a borderline sex addiction

TV and radio personality Chrissie Swan has confessed she had a "borderline sex addiction" in her late 20s.
Chrissie, who is now in a loving relationship with partner Chris Saville, told Katie "Monty" Dimond on an On The Couch podcast chat on website Show And Tell that she once went through a stage of one-night stands.
“I was [a guzzler]. I was like a pelican, I hid them [men] in my gullet!” the 41-year-old said.
“To give you the back story – I was in a very long-term monogamous relationship from the age of about 20 to 27 or 28 and when I came out of that, politely I like to say I made up for lost time.
“Impolitely, a borderline sex addiction. Because I had my own place, no-one was checking up on me and the internet was new. I've had a lot of one-night stands… I wouldn't know how many.”
Chrissie, who has three children, Leo, 6, Kit, 3 and 1-year-old Peggy, says she had two long-term relationships before meeting her partner, who she calls “the chippie” and has no regrets about that “crazy time” in her life.
Chrissie has since responded to reactions to the post on her Facebook page.
"...Because this was a podcast, and we knew we were only speaking to subscribers who want to hear us, we happily laughed about our sexual exploits in our younger days," she wrote.
"Egged on by my friend, I joked that I had a borderline sex addiction. We laughed. We took it as far as we could. We were joking about those heady days of idiot one-night stands and frivolous fun. Then we moved on to talk about C-sections, true crime, keeping secrets etc etc. It was a 40-minute podcast between two girlfriends for a very small crowd of people who had actively chosen to listen in. It was funny. We moved on..."
Chrissie, who was recently axed from MixFM in Melbourne, spoke about her sexual awakening on the weekly chat put together by Monty Dimond for the Show And Tell website, after the pair discussed a new service for single women who wish to do a police check on potential dates.
Her Facebook post went on to say that the conversation between the pair was taken out of context.
"No-one wins when jokes are reprinted without the laughs and context around them," she said.
"The teller feels shamed and the listeners miss out on a little chuckle for the day. Laughing is wonderful, so to miss an opportunity for it, especially today with all the doom and gloom around, would be a great shame.
"The whole thing is ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous. Can we please just move on?"

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