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Chrissie Swan and Matt Preston: We've lost 57 kilos!

The popular stars of The Circle and MasterChef  have waged a war on weight, and they’re both winning!
If you’d told Chrissie Swan six months ago she’d be wearing leggings on national TV, she’d have laughed in your face.
At a size 26, the 36-year-old radio and television personality was all too aware that when it came to dressing for her daily morning TV show, there were some things she just couldn’t do. And squeezing herself into a pair of tight leggings was certainly one of them.
“When I first started on The Circle, I had just come from radio, where you could turn up looking shocking and it wouldn’t matter,” she tells Woman’s Day during our exclusive chat. “Then, all of a sudden I was on camera, and I’m looking at myself thinking, ‘Oh my God! I’m dressed like a 60-year-old!’
“You just can’t get the kinds of clothes you want to wear at that size.” Fast forward six months and, thanks to Jenny Craig, Chrissie has added another 20kg to her total weight loss of almost 50kg. “I have actually lost 47 since I had the baby [Leo, born in November 2008]!” she marvels. “It’s unbelievable. It’s a person.”
And with another 20kg to go to reach her goal, she’s already revelling in her new shape, last week buying brand new size 20 jeans. “I’ve got lots of new clothes now, which is great,” she says with undisguised delight. “It’s so much fun – I’m wearing boots and leggings and things I love – instead of just things that fit. It’s fabulous.”
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