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Chris Hemsworth talks shooting sex scenes with wife Elsa Pataky and is it hot in here or what?!

They already have a sizzling relationship, but it gets even steamier as they play lovers in their new movie.

By Christine Estera
Talk about art imitating life... Not only will Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky star alongside each other in the upcoming movie Horse Soldiers, but they’ll also play on-screen lovers.
Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Chris, 33, says that it was great having his wife on the set of the war drama because the chemistry was already there. Indeed, you only need to look at their loved-up Instagram pics to know this is true.
“Very little prep time needed to form that chemistry,” he says. “It's fantastic.”
So just how did Elsa go from wifey to co-star? Apparently the movie bosses especially requested that the Fast & Furious star join Chris on the movie, which is about a team of CIA agents and special forces sent to Afghanistan after the September 11 attacks.
“They said, ‘Look, we are big fans of your wife, and we would love it if she came and played your wife in this,’” Chris explains. “And I said, ‘Great!’”

The Aussie hunk also gave us a teaser of things to come back in December when filming began, sharing a photo of himself and Elsa, 40, looking super-cosy on the Horse Soldiers set.
“Day 2 on the set of Horse Soldiers and found myself in bed with @elsapatakyconfidential,” he captioned the snap. “Usually work means she's gets a break from me, not today honey.”
They did, however, get a break from their three adorable kids – India, four, and twins Tristan and Sasha – with Chris joking that being on the New Mexico set was like a “working holiday” for them.
Second honeymoon, guys?

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