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All of Chris Hemsworth's kids wanted to be Wonder Woman for Halloween and he was a little jealous

We can't say we blame them!

By Holly Royce
Chris Hemsworth appeared on Good Morning America this week and admitted he was slightly jealous when he learnt all of his children wanted to dress up as Wonder Woman for Halloween.
"I asked my kids what they want to dress up as for Halloween, and at the same time, I've got two boys and a little girl, they all said, 'WONDER WOMAN!'" explained the Actor to a laughing GMA panel.
“I said, ‘That’s awesome, but what about Thor thought?’", Chris continues laughing.

"And at the same time, they all went, ‘No'."
Chris Hemsworth and wife, Elsa Pataky have three children together, daughter India Rose, five, and twin sons Tristan and Sasha, three.
Chris explains he continued to press his children, asking “‘Who’s stronger?’ They said, 'Wonder Woman.' I’m happy to play second to Wonder Woman.”
Chris touched on the fact Halloween is not a big deal to us Aussies, but it's become a bigger celebration since the family started spending more time in the United States.

Chris has spoken about moving his family back from LA to Australia three years ago.
During a recent appearance on the Project, the Thor actor said that though he'd loved living in LA, he had a change of heart once he and Elsa had children.
"We went up to Byron Bay and it became both of our favourite spots in the world - and we travelled a lot at this point."
"We wanted to give the kids that experience and we could afford to be in-and-out of LA a bit more."
So next time you think you think you've spotted the hunky Hemsworth brother at your local coffee shop, you very well may have!