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Charlotte's Law: Charlotte Dawson's friends launch anti-bullying campaign

Charlotte Dawson's friends have launched a petition calling for the creation of "Charlotte's Law" to protect people from online bullying.

Em Mastronardi created the Change.org petition on Sunday asking the federal and state governments to take action against so-called online "trolls" who violate anti-bullying and harassment laws. In its first 24 hours the petition received more than 30,000 signatures.
"Charlotte fought hard for a reform into cyber bullying; she campaigned so hard for something so simple - a better world," the petition reads.
"In life Charlotte dreamed of eradicating negativity on social media. In death we will continue fighting for her and make her proud of our continuing battle. Charlotte's death cannot be in vain."
The petition also calls for social media companies to take a more active role in preventing cyber bullying.
Charlotte was found dead in her Sydney apartment on Saturday morning. She had been battling depression for 14 years and had been embroiled in a well-publicised fight with anonymous online bullies since 2012.

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