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Celeste Barber filling up her car with petrol is ALL of us

Why is the petrol cap never on the side you think it is?

By BTYB Holden Equinox
It's a truth universally acknowledged that you only ever need to get petrol when you're running late.
Normally for something that requires punctuality, like say, dropping the kids off at school, getting to work for a morning meeting or making it to a family function you've promised to arrive early to because you were late that one time (every time).
Never mind though, it'll only take a minute, right? Wrong.
Hit play on the video above to watch Aussie comedian and queen of telling it like it is, Celeste Barber, attempt the "two-minute petrol station fill-up". Otherwise known as the impossible.
We don't know what's more on point, the battle with the hose or the coffee cup on top of the car? Both get us every damn time.
Mother-of-two Celeste has made a career out of parodying celebrities who make stuff look easy/natural/ glamorous. Her take on their "everyday" life is comedy gold and has earned her global recognition.
Her latest #CelesteChallengeAccepted in partnership with the new Holden Equinox, the SUV for real life (no gimmicks, just stuff you need like a heated steering wheel because you can only ever find one glove), is proof that filling up the car requires as much sorcery as a Harry Potter movie.
Brought to you by Holden Equinox. Nothing to prove. Prove it.

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