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Carrie Bickmore breaks down as Beanies 4 Brain Cancer charity reaches over $1 million

“He is the reason I did this!” Carrie Bickmore cries tears of joy upon reaching a huge milestone for the charity she launched in her husband’s memory.

An emotional moment on last night’s episode of The Project had the nation cheering for host Carrie Bickmore and her incredible success.
The mother-of-two broke down in tears when she announced that her charity, Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer, had raised more than $1 million.
The incredible milestone was reached in less than a year after the host announced the foundation.
“Last year I launched Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer with the goal to try and raise $1 million for brain cancer research,” she began.
“And because of your generosity, we have already reached our million dollars — $1.1 million. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. I am just so blown away about that.”
Watch Carrie's heart-warming message of thanks in the video player below! Post continues...
The 35-year-old went on to thank each person who contributed to the incredible cause as images flashed across the screen, which fell into place making up a collage of her late husband Greg Lange.
“To each and every one of you who have bought a beanie, seeing all the pics coming up on social media, families and babies and kids and, you know, I don't know any of you, but I feel like I know you all,” she said through tears.
"The image we're about to see now, that is of my late husband, Greg, and he is the reason that I did this."
"I want to say to anybody who is suffering from brain cancer right now, we will use this money, and I will use it to try and make your future brighter, so that is what I promise you we'll do."
The star was touched by the nation's response.
The TV personality’s charity, Carrie's Beanies 4 Brain Cancer, was founded in November, just a few months after she used her Gold Logie acceptance speech to raise awareness for the illness, and call upon fellow famous faces to proudly don a beanie on air.
“I’m going to use the two minutes that I have up here to talk about something incredibly close to my heart. I want to talk to you about brain cancer,” the award winner said in her memorable speech, her voice shaking.
Watch the star's moving acceptance speech in the video player below. Post continues...
The Project host shared this sobering fact, “Every five hours someone is diagnosed with brain cancer and 8 out of 10 people diagnosed will die.”
“In 2010 my husband Greg was one of the unlucky ones and after a long, long, long battle he died from brain cancer,” she said.
“Over ten years I watched him suffer multiple seizures a day, lose feeling down one side of his body, saw his three-year-old push him in his wheelchair because he couldn't walk anymore,” she told the famous faces in the audience.
Greg and Carrie's son Oliver is now eight-years-old.
The journalist was barely able to hold back tears when she spoke about her son Oliver’s father.
“He was an incredibly brave man, he was a great dad, he was a great husband, he was a great brother and he was a great friend but he shouldn’t have had to go through that.”
“Throughout his cancer journey he used to wear a lot of beanies, and that was because he was embarrassed about his scars, but beanies are cool,” the talented star quipped, placing a bright blue beanie on her head.
The three-time Logie winner finished her speech with a moving dedication: “I want to dedicate this award to anyone who is going through a really s--t time right now, anyone who is supporting someone through a really tough time right now, please believe that there will be a brighter day for you.”
Congratulations, Carrie! We are so proud of you.
No doubt Carrie feels incredibly proud for reaching such a huge milestone.

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