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Brynne Edelsten's love life has more curves than her figure! Meet all the people she's dated since Geoffrey Edelsten

Now she's a mum and living the single life.

By Maddison Leach
Brynne Gordon was an unassuming waitress before she shot to fame after arriving on the Brownlow Medal red carpet with then-boyfriend Geoffrey Edelsten in 2009.
Dressed in a sheer, bedazzled dress with sparkling bra underneath and her cleavage on display, the would-be star accessorised with a pair of silver earrings and not much else.
That first appearance made headlines and in the years that followed, Brynne stayed on the front pages of gossip mags and websites.
Her marriage to Geoffrey, who was more than 40 years her senior, set tongues wagging - as did their divorce in 2014.
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By then she was something of a household name, having appeared on Dancing With The Stars and her own reality TV show called Brynne: My Bedazzled Life.
In 2021 she joined the cast of SAS Australia and more recently she signed onto 7News Spotlight: The Fame Game, where she made some new revelations about her marriage.
"[My marriage] is what threw me into the spotlight. It was kind of a big wedding, and kind of a big deal when we got married," she told the program.
"I haven't probably had the best relationships since then."
While we're on the topic of Brynne's dating life, let's look back through her marriage, divorce and dating experiences since.

Geoffrey Edelsten

Brynne and Geoffrey at the 'Snaparazzi Soiree' in 2010. (Image: Getty)
Brynne was a 26-year-old fitness instructor from California when she and Geoffrey wed in 2009, shooting her into the spotlight overnight.
"There were 500 guests, and I knew seven or 11 people. That was my family," she told 7News Spotlight: The Fame Game.
"Just being in that relationship, I got a lot of really amazing opportunities - Dancing with the Stars, my own reality show... [it was a] crazy lifestyle."
Their wedding at the Crown Melbourne reportedly cost the multimillionaire businessman - who was 66 at the time - more than $3 million and included guetss like Margot Robbie.
The couple's wedding reportedly cost over $3 million. (Image: Getty)
"I mean, honestly, I don't even notice it, because we have a lot of things in common," Brynne once said of their 41-year age gap.
"Like, he's my favourite person in the world to spend time with."
Though their marriage appeared happy from the outside and on Brynne's reality show, the cracks began to appear after just a few years.
The pair quietly split in 2013 before announcing their separation in January 2014, citing "insurmountable issues", though there were rumours Geoffrey had a fling with another woman.
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Brynne had refused to sign a prenup, meaning she stood to get a huge sum in the divorce, however Geoffrey filed for bankruptcy just a week before their split after it was revealed he was more than $18 million in debt.
The reality star didn't receive much in terms of a divorce payout when it was finalised in 2015 and she later told the Daily Telegraph she owed more than $70,000 in legal fees before declaring bankruptcy.
She was struggling in her personal life too, revealing on The Fame Game: "I had no sense of self-worth at that time.
"And so to actually rebuild myself and love myself again and get back on my own two feet... I was so lucky to have that support behind me."

Brett Hunter

Brynne's engagement to comedian Brett Hunter lasted three months. (Image: Facebook)
The flamboyant blonde was connected to poet Ian McAllister and bodybuilder Cemre Volkan before announcing she was engaged in June 2017, but not to either of them.
After years of living with the relationships in the spotlight, Brynne decided to keep the identity of her fiance a secret for a while.
"It's very sudden. I have been talking to her a fair bit over the last few months and she never mentioned a relationship, so the news seems surprising," Geoffrey told Fairfax Media when he heard the news.
"Who is she engaged to?" he asked, a question on many fans' lips.
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It wasn't until she was photographed kissing Comedian Brett Hunter that her fans cottoned on to who Brynne planned to say "I do" to.
Unfortunately, she never got to walk down the aisle, as she and Brett split after just three months of engagement.
"She wanted some space. We live separate lives," Brett told radio hosts David Hughes and Kate Langbroek after photos emerged of Brynne kissing a woman.
He added that their romance had "been rocky for a couple of weeks" and he wouldn't stand in the way of her love life.

Coby Boatman

Brynne and Coby dated briefly before splitting. (Image: Instagram)
Who was the woman Brynne was spotted locking lips with? Coby Boatman, then 25, a Melbourne advertising sales representative.
The two women had a short-lived romance, Brynne telling The Kyle and Jackie O Show: "She was my girl crush, but more like a fantasy girl crush than anything I took serious."
The reportedly dated for just three months before calling it quits.
"I actually broke up with Coby and moved out late last year. I wish her the best but have nothing to do with her," Brynne told the Daily Mail in 2018.

Brok Eastwood

Brynne's last beau was Brok Eastwood. (Image: Instagram)
In 2018 she dated mechanic Leno Cachia, but the pair split and it wasn't until March of 2021 that Brynne debuted a new romance.
Her new man was Brok Eastwood, who she first met in 2014 and reconnected with over Facebook.
"I felt it straight away! I have never had someone treat me so well," she told New Idea.
"I just love spending time with him and he makes me smile every day. I never saw it coming, but I could not be happier."
Brynne poses at an event in 2017. (Image: Getty)
Soon after announcing their relationship, Brynne's ex Geoffrey died, leaving her "saddened and shocked" by the sudden news.
And by 2022 it appeared she and Brok had called it quits, but that wasn't Brynne's biggest news - she was pregnant!
"There's no man in the picture," she confirmed to New Idea in January.
"I told the father, though. I would never keep the father of my child apart – I don't think that's ever going to be something that happens."

She reportedly welcomed her daughter a few months later and can't wait to start life as a mum, even if she's doing it solo.
"I told him I was happy to raise her alone, so I'm not sure what he'll want to do," Brynne said before the birth.
"I just see my baby as a blessing – I'm really happy about it."
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