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Brad Pitt 'loves the chaos' of a big family

He is the father of one of the biggest celebrity families in the world, and despite the "chaos", Brad Pitt wouldn't have it any other way, the UK's Daily Mail reported.
Speaking in an interview to promote his new movie, The Tree of Life, at the Cannes International Film Festival this week, 47-year-old Pitt explained how he and partner Angelina Jolie, 35, handle their six children aged from nine to two.
"I know it seems extreme from the outside, but I've always kind of operated this way. When I know, I know, and why mess around?" he said.
"I had a friend who had a big family when I was a kid. I just loved the chaos around the breakfast table and the fighting and the ribbing, and the mom making pancakes for everyone or the dad making pancakes.
"And I just decided then if I was ever going to do it — this left some indelible mark on me — if I was ever going to do it, that's the way I was going to do it."
The Jolie- Pitt clan includes Maddox, who was adopted as a baby from Cambodia in 2002 by Angelina, and then she and Pitt together adopted baby Zahara from Ethiopia in 2005. Then in 2007, the pair adopted Pax as a three-year-old from Vietnam.
The couple also has three biological children including four-year-old Shiloh and two-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox.
Pitt says whenever a movie offer is on the table, he now considers his children when deciding whether to take it on or not.
"I think my focus before was more irreverence, by nature," he said.
"I'm a dad now. It's more important to me that if I'm going to do the film, there's something I can bring to it, it's not generic. And most of all, I'm painfully aware that my kids are going to see these when they're older, and I want them to understand something about their dad, and I want them to be proud of their dad."
And can we expect to see he is Jolie in on the big screen together again?
"We're not ones to repeat ourselves, but we'd like to, because right now, we're hopscotching with films so one can be with the kids and one's free to work," he said.
"And why aren't we doing them together? Why aren't we doing everything together?"

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