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Blake Lively's daughter thinks Jimmy Fallon is her dad

The actress shared a rare home video of the adorable mistake.

If you needed any proof that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have the cutest kids in the world, then boy have we got the video for you.
The actress — who welcomed baby number two last fall — recently revealed a sweet home video of her little girl, James, mistakenly calling a cardboard cutout of talk show host Jimmy Fallon her dad.
WATCH: The adorable video below.
"It sort of, like, messed up my home life a little bit," Blake, 29, told Jimmy of the cutout he gave her the last time she previously visited The Tonight Show. "It caused some problems at home."
Blake then showed the adorable clip of her daughter interacting with the cardboard Jimmy. "Where's your dada?" Blake asked her curly-haired girl, to which James, two, replied, "Jimmy," while pointing at the cutout.
"It's a little confusing," The Age of Adaline star joked. "I think I should do a paternity test, live, on air."
Back in December 2016, Blake and Ryan's girls, James and Ines, 10 months, made their public debut for the first time ever.
The power couple — who tied the knot in 2012 — has successfully kept their daughters out of the spotlight for the most part, so it was a total treat for fans.
In the past, Ryan has opened up about the struggles of fatherhood he's faced.
"I think you're just more desperate in everything you do because you're like, 'I've got 10 minutes to do this, and then I gotta get home for a thing, and a thing, and a thing,'" he said in a previous interview.
"There's just no time anymore," he continued. "So you're hardened by it. Anxiety, I think, that's probably it."
Story via Closer Weekly.