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Beyoncé and Jay Z spare no expense for their twins!

The couple have hired six new nannies since the twins birth... and you won’t believe the cost.

By Zoe Burrell
Money is no object for Beyoncé and Jay Z. And when it comes to their twins, they’re more than willing to splash out.
Just when you thought the couple couldn’t get any more OTT, they go and hire not one, but six nannies for their newborn twins Sir and Rumi.
The pair have reportedly hired six nannies at $120, 000 each a year. Wait, can we apply?
“The twins don't sleep at the same time, so she decided she needed three per child, working in eight hour shifts,” a source told OK Magazine on Wednesday.
And it was revealed that Blue Ivy, five, already has two nannies. That means the couple will have eight nannies on the roster!

What’s more, a source told Radar Online that the couple have also employed additional security.
Sir and Rumi “even have a financial investment advisor working for them, setting up trademarks and trusts in the babies’ names”, the source revealed.
Meanwhile, Jay Z is reportedly concerned that Blue Ivy is becoming spoilt and he doesn’t want her to become a rich kid of Instagram.
Both the megastars came from humble backgrounds, especially Jay Z, and he doesn’t want his daughter flaunting her designer duds on social media.

"Jay grew up hard and he feels like his success in life is a product of that,” a source told Radar Online, “He doesn’t appreciate Blue Ivy wearing $10,000 Gucci dresses in public!”
But this is reported to be causing tension among the couple.
In fact, sources revealed that Beyoncé went “bonkers” when Jay Z brought it up.
Of course, raising newborn twins can be a trying time, with the source revealing, “The stress of dealing with newborns may have played a role.”
Well, we don’t know about Jay, but we think Blue Ivy slays!

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