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"You win." Sam Frost confesses she's broken by recent internet trolling attacks

The star has been a target for online nastiness since she stared on The Bachelor in 2014.

By Elizabeth Best
Sam Frost has revealed she’s been the target of cyber bullying for quite some time now.
And the reality TV star says the latest round of attacks have finally broken her.
On July 4, the 26-year-old took to social media to concede defeat.
“To the fake accounts heavily rolling me online and into my personal life,” she began.
“If you wanted to break me… Congratulations, you have won.”
Sam has been the target of bullying since she first graced our TV screens on The Bachelor.
The emotional outpouring was then hashtagged with the word “broken” and a broken heart emoji.
While the nature of the bullying is not yet known, it must have been serious enough to cause the radio host to finally give up so publicly.
"Congratulations, you've won," Sam said to her tormentors.
Sam's boyfriend Sasha Mielczarek has been her rock in these hard times.
It also cause shock and worry in the online community, with fans concerned over her wellbeing.
Fellow Australian celebrity Charlotte Dawson took her own life after being relentlessly bullied online, posting a similar message declaring the trolls had finally won.
The former reality TV star has been even more in the public eye since she began co-hosting a radio show with Rove McManus.
Sam’s fan’s quicky sprang into action, offering kinds words and support.
Sam can’t wait to see Richie as the Bachelor. Check out her supportive words in the clip below. Post continues.
She even got a personal message from a fellow reality TV alum, Big Brother’s Tully Smyth.
“HEY YOU!” Tully said. “You are strong, smart and beautiful.”
Fellow reality star Tully Smyth copped a lot of criticism from anonymous bullies after her time in the Big Brother house.
Tully continued: “Do not let faceless cowards get inside your head.
“Switch off the night xxx”
Another fan raised their support: “You are beautiful, strong and a successful person. Bullies don’t deserve our time or attention. Sending hugs.”
We hope Sasha has been trying to cheer our Sam up.
The former star of The Bachelorette penned an open letter to her bullies earlier this year.
“I don’t think people really understand the impact of it,” Sam said. “Those empty words you write behind a keyboard have an eternal effect on the person they're directed at…
“You could ruin their day, their week and even their life,” she said.
If you or someone you know needs help, don't suffer in silence, call Lifeline anytime on 13 11 14 or visit the website www.lifeline.org.au.

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