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Australia's top 10 haunted haunts

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It's that time of year again where pumpkins grace doorsteps, rather than vegetable soups, and children go mad on sugar fixes and horror stories. It's all a bit of fun — or is it?
If these spine-tingling tales from Australia's most haunted locations don't get you in the Halloween spirit, they're bound to have you sleeping with one eye open tonight.
The Alkimos, WA
Clearly it was never going to be smooth sailing for the poor Alkimos (pictured above) after the death of numerous welders, who were reportedly sealed between hulls on the first day of construction. Bizarre events and eerie apparitions plagued the vessel for years afterwards and even when finally stranded off the coast of Perth, the supernatural didn't give up the ghost.
Not only were the wreck's salvagers too terrified by paranormal phenomena to continue their operation, but all eight buyers of the wreck claimed an inexplicable run of bad luck until they sold it on. With vanishing divers and even horses that refuse to pass the wreck on the beach, this may be one Australian location you leave off the family road trip.
Monte Cristo Homestead, NSW
Murder, torture and suicide are all part of the macabre history of Australia's most haunted house, The Monte Cristo Homestead. With 10 distressed spirits to its name, it's no wonder reports of invisible force fields, poltergeist action and screams have unnerved even the most hardened mediums.
National Film and Sound Archive, ACT
Previously, the National Institute for Anatomy where human bodies were sliced and diced, the archive is said to house quite a few raucous souls who like to be seen and heard.
Seppeltsfield Winery, SA
One of the oldest wineries in the country produces more than just grapes but some great spooks too. Even though the on-premise mausoleum is locked up due to reappearing blood-stained walls, you might catch sight of the resident ghostly maid or witness running machinery in the disused factory while picking your Merlot.
Quarantine Station, NSW
This was the first port of call for the commonly diseased convicts arriving at the colony. The onsite medium believes there are around 55 spirits that wander the dining halls, hospital and shower block.
Port Arthur, Tasmania
The injustices of the past literally come alive when joining the Port Arthur ghost tour, with its staggering 1800 apparitions reportedly seen over the past 20 years.
Princess Theatre, Victoria
The ghost of a baritone who died during a performance is said to haunt this popular Melbourne theatre. The show always goes on with Federici around, as spotting him before an act is said to bring good luck. At one point he was such a regular fixture that a seat was always saved for him in the dress circle.
Fremantle Arts Centre, WA
Let's face it, any building that used to be an insane asylum doesn't really bode well does it? Various witnesses have found mysterious figures ominously "added" to photographs, doors that open and close and strange feelings of being touched.
Redback Range Tunnel, NSW
The ghost of a woman mown down by a train in 1916 certainly helps Picton claim its "most haunted town" status. Visitors to the disused tunnel have experienced blinding lights, footsteps and inexplicable temperature changes on their ghost tours.
Bogga Road Jail, Queensland
Particularly famous for its series of underground cells called the "Black Hole", this Queensland jail has many tormented souls refusing to leave. The most regularly seen is the ghost of a murdered prison guard who wanders the main block nightly, jangling his keys.
Your say: Do you believe in ghosts? Do you know somewhere haunted? Share your experiences below.

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