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Is Tegan Martin swinging into the arms of jungle babe Kris Smith?

Well, they DID set temperatures soaring while appearing on I'm a Celebrity...

By Chloe Lal
In tonight's installment of dreamy new celebrity couples, we have Miss Universe Australia and the nation's hottest male model playing for 100!
That's right, talk around the water-cooler has us hearing Tegan Martin may be dating her former I'm a Celebrity co-star Kris Smith.
The incredibly attractive pair have been in model heaven as they do the rounds for Australian Fashion Week.
Kris and Tegan bumped into each other at the Misha x Myer event on Monday night.
The pair have been doing their good looking rounds for Australian Fashion Week.
A source spilled to the Daily Mail that "as soon as they saw each other there was an instant spark."
Adding, "They were affectionate with one another and there was lots of giggling."
Before you start shipping Australia's hottest new couple, let's take a moment to process the facts.
The pair both attended a glitzy luncheon for Doncaster Mile earlier this year.
The duo seem to have great chemisty
Tegan is certainly comfortable around the model...
While Kris seems to be struck by Tegan.
Tegan, 24, isn't exactly single.
The pretty blonde is dating rugby player Sam Croke.
Earlier this week she chatted to Confidential about the realities of seeing someone, given her busy schedule.
“It can be hard as I’ve been here (in Sydney) for all of like 15 days this year so it is hard to keep a connection,” she explained.
“But you know, we’ve got Skype, that does the job but it isn’t quite as intimate.”
Tegan and Sam began dating last year.
Kris with former love, Maddy.
As for the 38-year-old's relationship status, Kris had confessed that he hoped to rekindle things with his former flame Maddy King, but she has had no presence on his active social media.
In fact, Tegan has also posted a series of snaps that lacks any significant other.
NTL reached out to both Tegan and Kris.
While Tegan is yet to respond, Kris' manager simply advised, "No comment."
While both hotties are super active on social media... their "significant others" seem to play no part.
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Tegan and Kris became firm friends when they were both cast into the South African wilderness for Ten's reality TV favourite, I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.
The viewers and their campmates couldn't help but notice how much the duo just clicked.
The pair would often have "heart-to-heart" discussions about their lives.
Kris even told the stunning beauty, "My days of prowling are long gone. I want to settle down."
Fellow celeb Lisa Curry observed that the pair just worked, telling Natalie Bassingthwaighte, "He and Tegan look good together I reckon."
The singer quickly dismissed the idea, telling the former Olympian that Tegan was with Sam.
When we asked Kris who he'd keep in touch with after the show, he quipped, "Tegan I know anyway. It will be good!"
Since leaving the show, the pair have been spotted catching up for lunch.
One onlooker observed that they "looked to be having a great time catching up, with Tegan laughing heartily and gesturing with her hands."
Let's be honest, Kris and Tegan would be a reality dream and really the icing on the Australian Fashion Week cake.
Kris, Tegan... We're sorry. There's 95% chance we're projecting our dreams onto you... But if you could put us out of our misery, that'd be great!