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New couple alert: Chris Martin is crushing on Charlize Theron

The Coldplay crooner certainly has a type!

Chris Martin sure has a thing for blondes - and Oscar-winners for that matter!
Following his 'conscious uncoupling' and divorce from Gwenyth Paltrow, and romances with Jennifer Lawrence and Brit actress, Annabelle Wallis, we're told the singer's now smitten with Charlize Theron!
“He thinks she is one of the most attractive women ever and is beyond keen on exploring something more with her,” an insider tells NW exclusively.

“They have been friends for years because of Gwyneth but now Chris is trying to ratchet things up into a full blown romance,” a source spilled to Radar Online.
The romance rumours follow reports that Chris wrote and performed a song especially for Charlize at a charity fundraiser she hosted in California on April 29.
The lyrics?
“The purpose of this song /is to tell you that you’re adored.”
What a way with words you have, Chris.
Also, this is totally history repeating itself. Chris wrote five songs for Gwyneth Paltrow back in the day. 'Fix You', anyone?!

Speaking of Gwyn, it seems she might not be so happy seeing her ex-hubby getting cosy with Charlize.
“Gwyneth and Charlize were very close, and this development makes things more than a little awkward.”
Awkward indeed...

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