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Is long distance finally taking its toll on Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich?

Tim insists kids are still on the agenda – but his career appears to have taken priority at the moment

They've been forced to live separate lives as his gig on Neighbours sees him live in another state for most of the week.
But while Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich claim their long-distance marriage is stronger than ever, insiders worry that the OG Bachelor's newfound desire for international stardom could spell the end of their fairy tale romance.
Say it isn't so!
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"Anna doesn't love that the job takes him away from her a lot," tells a source of the pair, also revealing that Tim, 37, hasn't given up on his dream of pursuing a career in Hollywood.
"Whether she would be up for the move to LA should his career go that far, who knows?"
But with Anna, 33, revealing that the pair are considering a family in the near future, could the couple be facing a difficult decision?
Has distance separated this rock-solid pair? (Source: Instagram/annaheinrich1)
"A family has always been part of our life plan," Anna's previously shared.
"There seems to be a lot of tension between them," tells another insider. "Big life decisions will do that to a couple though."
Back in April, Anna spoke exclusively with Now to Love about their long distance relationship.
"You just roll with it and do what you can," she said.
"I'm not going to sit at home and be upset about it, I'm going to be happy that he's doing what he loves to do, and I'm doing what I love to do."
And what did she think of the long distance at the time?
"People think it's an issue but it's not," she said.
Anna and Tim seem to have a picture perfect relationship. (Source: Instagram/annaheinrich1)
"[Tim] comes back every weekend and we speak to each other four to five times a day. It's really not an issue and I think it's only an issue if you want to make it an issue."
While attending a New Year's Day party in Rose Bay, Anna revealed to The Daily Telegraph that she and Tim were already thinking about kids.
"A family has always been part of our life plan... It will probably be towards the end of this year that we start trying," she said.
Here's hoping these plans are still in place!
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