Inside the pure and powerful love story of Alex and Teigan McKinnon

''We hit it off straight away.''

By Faye Couros
Alex and Teigan McKinnon's love is the kind you can't deny because it's clear they have unconditional admiration and support for each other.
In an interview with Body and Soul, Teigan revealed they met at a pub through mutual friends in 2010.
"I was there for a friend's birthday dinner and we hit it off straight away, feeling very comfortable around each other. We were friends for about a year before we started dating in 2011," she said.
However, Alex told the publication he knew straight away she was the one.
"It was definitely 'love at first sight' for me!"
Since their first meeting, the couple have faced life-changing circumstances, and their story has captivated and brought the nation to tears after Alex's life-changing injury.
In 2014, Alex was a rugby player for the Newcastle Knights when an unthinkable accident happened on the field. The then 22-year-old became an incomplete quadriplegic after fracturing his C4 and C5 vertebrae.
It was a brief touch and go situation in the hospital when Teigan was told he might not make it through the night.
It was a miracle when three weeks later, Alex was able to propose to Teigan.
The primary school teacher has been his emotional and physical support through rehabilitation and their day-to-day life.
On Valentine's Day in 2015, Alex shared a message on his social channels thanking Teigan for getting him through everything.
"Happy Valentine's Day babe ❤️. The last year has challenged us a lot more then we would of every imagined, yet we've become so much stronger then ever before|| I can honestly say I don't know where I would be without you, I love you a fair bit 😊👰❤️ @teiganpower," he captioned the post.

Three years after the horrific accident, they tied the knot in a stunning ceremony in the Hunter Valley.
It had been Alex's goal to stand on his wedding day, in the end he was able to achieve his dream, and photos from the day feature him on his feet.
These days Alex is fortunate to be surrounded by a household of girls after Teigan gave birth to their first daughter, Harriet Anne, in 2018.
And then three quickly turned to five when the family welcomed adorable twin baby girls called Audrey Jill and Violet John in 2021.
Read on for Teigan and Alex's wholesome love story in pictures.