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60 seconds with Amanda Keller

Television and radio star, Amanda Keller, is loving her role as morning presenter on WSFM as one half of *The Morning Show* with Brendan "Jonesy" Jones. Amanda gives us a 60 second snap shot into her life, career and family.

You’re one half of the Jonesy and Amanda show on WSFM – can you tell me a bit about the show?
Jonesy and I are best friends, who happen to spend 3 and a half hours every morning chatting about "stuff". From current affairs to something as inane as why the Incredible Hulk's pants don't rip, we debate it all.
How are the early mornings?
I don't mind them. Once your head's under shower, you're awake. I'm home at lunch time..I wonder how anyone who works all day gets time for a hair cut or a trip to the gym.
Is it very different doing radio compared to telly?
I love the immediacy of radio...you get an idea and can action it straight away. There's no filter between you and your audience. Of course there are many days where I wish there was a filter…a grown-up to do my thinking for me.
What is your Favourite travel Destination and why?
One of my favourite holidays was a week Harley and I spent in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We spent the days skiing, eating , and browsing shops and galleries for folk art. My dream holiday.
A place you love in Australia?
Lord Howe Island. ..it’s like idyllic island meets country town. Ducks wander along the beautiful beaches..you ride bikes from one snorkelling spot to the next, and pull up at beautiful restaurants along the way.
Three things that make you tick?
My family, a good book, and a cup of tea.
You never leave home without...?
Lipstick..I’ve become like my mum.
What's your motto (s) in life?
My motto changes every few days..today’s is always live with a clean linen cupboard.
Book that changed your life?
The Time Traveller’s Wife…it didn’t change my life but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it all year.
What do you wish you had more time to do?
Food you allow yourself to indulge in?
I never say no to a chip.
Favourite thing to do on a lazy Sunday?
Our local club has a daggy band that plays all afternoon. The kids dance , parents have a beer.
Most memorable career point to date?
Finally meeting and interviewing Barry Manilow. My inner teenager is still giggling.

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